Week 1:

M March 28     Class Introduction / Fortuney Demo’s

W March 30     Meet in the Garment District to swatch and discuss fabrics.

Week 2:

M April 4          Student Presentations of text and drawings to the class. Draping Demo’s Pant


W April 6         Sewing Pants / Draping Demo Tunic / Dress / Sewing Questions


Week 3:

M April 11        Workday


W April 13       Workday – looks in process


Week 4:

M April 18        Workday


W April 20       Assignment #1 Due and introduction of Assignment #2


Week 5:

M April 25        Draping Demo: bodice / skirts


W April 27       Presentation of writing and sketches for assignment #2 / Sewing Questions


Week 6:

M May 2           Workday

W May 5          Workday


Week 7:

M May 9           Workday – completed looks for credit


W May 11        Presentation of Assignment #2 and introduction of Assignment #3


Week 8:

M May 16        Student Presentation of writing drafts,  moodboard, 3-d wire sculpture and sketch,  and fabric samples.  Professor Lung demo draping


W May 18        Workday – sewing questions


Week 9:

M May 23        Workday


W May 25        Workday


Week 10:



W June 1         Presentation of Assignment #3: Bring garments to class  for construction grade.


Final class meeting, Monday June 6, Portfolio Meetings with Professor Lung.


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