due on Monday

Students will present to the class:

  • draft of writing – one page requirenment
  • 3-d wire sculpture, line drawing and illustration sketch
  • material samples.Followed by Professor Lung demo on how to drape and make a pattern.

Professor Lungs Samples:

Scene from Science Fiction story for the garment I am working on:

From Oryx and Crake

By Margret Atwood


EXT. Shabby hotel room – early evening. ORYX sitting obediently on the bed.

Post-apocalyptic city, what was once the Soviet Union.  Streets are grim, dark, and filled with debris.  A youthful Oryx, has followed a stranger in his motel room, he is going to purchase a white rose from her, but this is an excuse to seduce her.  Crake is going to save her from a dreadful situation.

ORYX, a young girl who was sold into slavery, in the post-apocalyptic city.  She is taught to sell flowers, until she is old enough to sell her body, to the highest bidder.

CRAKE, a young bright scientist who is going to change the world, and ORYX Life.

STRANGER, who purchases one of ORYX white roses.



I won’t hurt you


Giggling shyly


Takes ORYX hand, leads her to the bed room


Face down, asks the STRANGER if he loves her


Breaks into the room, pushes the stranger away and sweeps ORYX into his arms.  Throws a portal bomb at the wall, he and ORYX jump through the portal and come out on the other side.


Crake how did you find me?


Drawing from Wire sculpture:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.42.44 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.42.50 PM



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