CA Mid Century grading guidelines and presentation order

  1.  Reva
  2. Jaime
  3. Jocelyn
  4. Waylie
  5. Erika
  6. Gem
  7. Raf
  8. Leslie
  9. Natalie
  10. Yan
  11. Cindy
  12. La Shondra
  13. Patrice
  14. Edgar

Mid Century Modern:  “The California Look”. Students create one look based on the inspiration from Mid Century CA design 15 pts.

  1. Write: Design Philosophy 1 pt.
  2. Sketch: 10 Flat Drawings of dresses with a fitted bodice and full skirt silhouette, or some variation. 2 pts.
  3. Fabrics: Five Fabric samples – Crisp cotton, poplin, pique 1 pt.
  4. Embellishments: block printing and or embroidery 2 pts.
  5. Draping techniques: Fitted bodice or skirt, gathers or pleating. 2 pts.
    1. Pattern
    2. Muslin
  6. Construction techniques: 4 pts.
    1. Interfacing
    2. Lining,
    3. bonding
    4. seams finished
  7. Portfolio piece (digital PDF and printed): 3 pts.
    1. written statement
    2. sketch
    3. fabric swatches (cut all the same size and nicely placed in our book)
    4. photograph of garment in action.



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